Sunday greetings, today’s bible verse and a message to all my followers.

Good morning everyone, hope you all are having a great Sunday morning. Today’s bible verse is…

Proverbs 26:23

Smooth words may hide a wicked heart, just as a pretty glaze covers a clay pot.

Updates on your prayers…Great news, Luca is back to walking now. His most recent updates also shows him back at home now where he can hold his baby girl again.

And my neighbor that you all have been keeping in your prayers has decided to look into having her surgery done in another country. The country she is from. Here in the USA she has not had the surgery yet and they are already calling her for payment, is that crazy or what? So please continue to keep her in your prayers, please pray she finds a good doctor and that the surgery is s success and she gets healthy soon.

Please pray for Arizona, I fear we are being made an example of something. The world has no understanding of what is actually happening here in the state of Arizona. Actually this is happening in a lot of our cities here in our country. It’s bad you guys. As I am writing this on a Saturday night we have had several terrible events happen today.

There are two children who need our prayers right now and several people who also need our prayers from another incident that caused several accidents and critical injuries from a random person harming others.

To my followers who are dealing with some health issues themselves with cancer or love ones who are in pain, I am reading your posts. I am keeping you all in my prayers, the three of you that I have come across while I took some time catching up with some of my followers. I just can’t share your sites on this blog. Just know that I am praying for you.

I have to do things a little different on this site now, which means comments are off on my site as well. It also means I have to be careful with what I post here and not make my stories too personal about my life. I may have to take a little break for awhile, or maybe for a long time, like forever…we will see. Thought about this long and hard, still trying to figure out how to get through this. What I’m going through right now that is.

I have my traditional 12 days of Christmas coming up and a few other posts for the rest of this month that are not really personal, but still fun posts for the holidays and some DIY’s too. I always have fun sharing that with you all, it has been a fun escape this blog.

For the new year I will only be posting my Sunday bible verse/prayer requests and nothing else that is personal about my life. I will continue to pop on to see what you all have been up to in that New Year though.

I’m not going anywhere, just some changes to several of our social media platforms will have to take place. We have had to do this several times throughout the decade for the same reason I am having to do it once again. This isn’t the first time this has happened.

Thank you so much to all my followers who have helped me all these years. Thanks for your own blog posts, for your kind comments and encouragement over the years.Continue to keep Our Little Red House in your prayers please, we need them right now in this spiritual battle we are all a part of, even if some of us sadly can not see it for what it is. Stay safe out there and remember, I’m keeping you all in my prayers too. God bless you and yours always and forever.

Cyber stalking.

Cyber stalking is the use of the Internet or other electronic means to stalk someone. If you are targeted by a female stalker then you more then likely will be cyber stalked the most, as this is the preferred method of female stalkers. A cyber stalker follows the victim’s online activity to gather information and make threats like a smear campaign against their victims using what ever means necessary to do this. Cyber stalkers target and harass their victims via websites, chat rooms, discussion forums, open publishing websites ( e.g. blogs) and email. Some cyber stalkers will even use the D.A.R.V.O. method against their victims. Most people who have been stalked do not realize they have been stalked. Psychologically, stalking is extremely damaging to it’s victims, creating an environment of constant fear. The fear factor is huge. Cyber stalking is a criminal activity, it’s against the law.

No Contact means just that.Do not engage with them no matter what. They are drawing you out for revengeful reasons. They are looking for reasons and ways to twist anything in their favor against you and will use anything you write or say that they can use to smear you with. Never engage or the abuse will only escalate. You can not change them, they will never listen to anything you have to say anyway, and they will never see your view of things. I hope these tips are helpful for any of my followers out there.