A whole year of photos.

It’s that time of year again you guys…my year of photos from the year before. I can’t believe it is 2023. I can’t say too many positive things about 2022. It was Luke warm like 2021. Still hanging in there with getting through all these shocks and patterns I am noticing out there in the world. But this is about all the good things about 2022. So here they are, my favorite photos and events from 2022. Lets hope we have more good days then bad days in 2023.

This month a neighbor gifted me with these colorful gel beads. I put them up in one of our windows with plants growing in it. Every morning I loved how the light came through them all.

February –

Started working on photos for a project I am working on.
And started painting Easter eggs early. Our chickens were laying so many eggs this month.
We even had some new baby chicks.


I did write the chickens were laying a lot of eggs for me to decorate. Think I went overboard a little.

Designed a tiny aquarium using a large glass vase. Wanted to bring some nature into the home for March.
The beekeeping was turning out fun. My husband has done beekeeping since he was a child with his father. And this was the year he was teaching our son this skill too.
We got a new cat, she was a rescue kitten with a little wonkey tail that was injured somehow. That’s how they found her wondering the streets. She is afraid of loud noises and hides when the garbage monster truck drives down our street every Thursday.

April- 4/7

The shelves were once again filling up with products but in weird ways. Many items, all the same items, were spread out to give the illusion of many products but mostly it was one product on a mass scale. It was a strange way of merchandising to me.
I found the thrift store grab bag of the year. It was filled with all these adorable wooden decorations.
Discovered some pretty weeds and staged this photo with them. Had to toss these weeds though, as the seeds produce a plant that is dangerous to our furry family members.


Mother’s Day brought me new flowers in my garden. One morning I walked out and discovered this pink gem.
Some of our friends brought a bag of tiny cherry tomatoes to us this month. They tasted like real tomatoes too. Laugh…but how many of you have had some of those fishy tomatoes? This was a real treat.
Spent one morning collecting herbs and flowers from the garden. Made all kinds of beauty products with all the natural ingredients.


June has always been a lazy month. Even Alley cat here knows that.
But it wasn’t lazy days for the garden. The heat was headed our way. I started on all kinds garden projects. A mosaic bird bath was one of those projects.
And a mosaic garden table. I finished a lot out in the garden this month.
June is also a big month for rummage sales. I picked up these whimsical clothespin dolls at one of those sales this month.


Started painting the garden wall blue. July was another month of busy time out in the garden.


Finished the wall. Makes everything really blue in the garden now.


Helped my son make his first Bundt cake.


September was just lazy days in the garden pool.
And more of practicing baking skills with my son.


October is always about Fall crafting. I worked on some of my yarn pumpkins.
And visited a really cool art museum.
Plus enjoyed some Fall colors.
And I discovered a junk store full of vintage fabrics. What a treasure this was for me. I bought all kinds of fabrics to take home to design some fun little stuffed critters with.


More outside in the garden moments.
The bird bath was holding up well a few months after making it. The light in the garden was changing, November light is one of my favorite lights of the year.


Made lots of ornaments this month. They make great gift tags.
Christmas shopping was very short this month. We went looking for a tree this day.
Had to get my husband and son a candy cane for their stocking. It’s a tradition. My daughter never liked them. I can’t believe how much they went up. I could have sworn they used to be just a dollar. Here they are priced at over $3 each now. Phoenix has some pretty high prices.
And even though this year’s gingerbread house was not going to win any contest, it was accomplished. It did taste good though.

Happy 2023, may only good things always come your way in the New Year. And may God keep you all healthy, safe and happy in the coming New Year with many blessings too.

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  1. Michele Lee says:

    A lovely year-in-review! Your photos are always vibrant and cheerful. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ourcrossings says:

    Such a wonderful collection of such beautiful and colourful photos. I am in awe of your Easter eggs – love the bright colours! Aiva 🙂 xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Aiva, I can’t wait to start on this years eggs.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. spanishwoods says:

    Thank you for sharing these images, they are all really wonderful!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, that is such a kind thing to write. Have a great New Year.


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