DIY pine cone roses

Christmas is over but Winter isn’t and pine cones are one of the prettiest ways to keep this time of the season in your home decorations. Plus their free, so you don’t have to worry so much about spending a lot of money.

If you want to add some Valentine themed décor to your home then turn the pine cones into roses. Just trim the pine cone’s seed scales away bit by bit until you get the desired look of a rose, then paint what ever color you like. You could do a whole bowl of these in soft pink, bright reds or even white/cream colored roses.

Crafting tip- wear gloves with this one. Pulling apart the scales can cause some wear and tear on your hands. If foraging for your own cones then make sure you clean them first by rinsing them under the garden house, then letting them air dry outside. Even with cleaning, sometimes a tiny critter will crawl out once in while to surprise you…ask me how I know? Just giving you all a heads up with that tip. Prepare yourself for a surprise or two. Happy crafting everyone.

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