A day of shopping in an Arizona desert city.

There is no shortage of stores here in Phoenix. They are everywhere in this city. One morning we all got up early, headed to the city zoo before they opened to non members, and after spending two hours there walking around we headed out to do some fun shopping. Here are some photos from a day of mostly window shopping. Prices are too high to purchase stuff like we used to. I don’t like to clutter up the house either and shopping will do that if you are not careful.

There were so many flamingos out this morning.

We have the saw, the old wood, and a wood burner at home. Think I will try my hand at making some of these cute little houses.
Some candies just look too pretty to eat.
I thought these wooden bunnies were so pretty. May have my husband and son cut up some wooden bunny shapes to paint for Easter decorations in our home. My daughter paints flowers just like this in photo above. I would love to share some links of my daughter’s social media sites where she shares her art work but since my blog was discovered by some people I am estranged from, my daughter has to be even more careful with protecting her privacy.
They had some great math workbooks at the dollar store, great for homeschoolers.
I forgot to check the prices for these. They are so cute and would look pretty on a Spring table.
This is a temporary store. It was organized but there is a new store opened now that is much larger. Out in Chandler Arizona I think, called Daiso . I’m sure I’m spelling it wrong since the red line just showed up but I am writing this in a hurry because I have a bunch of projects to get back to. Maybe it’s spelled Daizo.
I can spend hours in a bookstore. They are dangerous places for me. Time thieves. that’s what they are.
I bought this bunny key-chain for someone who loves little bunnies and mailed it off as a special surprise.
I think fuzzy socks make perfect gifts for people who may have everything and you just don’t know what to buy them. Everyone loves fuzzy socks.
I don’t know what these are all for . Little molds to use to shape and make food cute. Love that. Turning food into something pretty to look at it. Food art.
There were so many hair accessories. I got so distracted by the art papers that I forgot to pick up a pretty pony tail holder for the summer. I like the one in this photo with the faux turquoise beads.
These hooks were so adorable. Little cat hooks. I have different purses and bags I use so these were great for that and they look so cute on the walls.
I bought some of these sticker rubbings, or rub ins…what do they call them? I’m going to use them on some painted eggs.
They had a lot of fashion doll clothes and accessories. They also had some little metal toy model kits and plastic kitchen pretend toys.
I bought a few of these sets. They had cats, dogs, dinosaurs, penguins, trucks, alligators, airplanes, dolls, and a race car. So many. Super tiny Lego type kits. They were $1.75 each bag. I am giving mine out for gifts.
These mini clay kits would be perfect for a child’s basket.
I might try making a wreath like this. I have most of the supplies at home.
So cute.
The little animals are the cutest decorations to me.

And here are a just a few items in photos below that I did purchase. I will share with you all what I did with the floral papers I purchased in another post. Happy shopping adventures everyone.

I tried both gums and the melon is the best flavor, Not super sweet like gum here in America. The orange gum tasted like a medicine to me so I didn’t really like that but the melon was so yummy.
Didn’t really get a great photo of this one. They were little clear lunch bags with bunnies on them.
A little gnome pen that lights up.
I am going to try these on some of our Easter eggs this year.
I bought three of these for some tiny succulents I have. Our electricity went out for 8 hours the week of a crazy wind storm. We have huge mature trees in our older neighborhood here in the city and one fell into a power line and knocked out the electricity for hours. I ended up using these pretty cups as candle holders while we waited for the lights to come back on. They make great candle cups too.
This is going to hang from a birthday bag for our neighbors little girl. I think hanging items from pretty gift bags with a big bow looks so nice. Just a little something extra.
I bought a bunch of sketch books to draw coloring pages in. This sketch book was a different size that I normally buy. Usually the paper is rectangle shape and 8×10, This sketch book was a square shape that was 5×5.
This was such a cool booklet. It was a coloring postcard book.