DIY recycled boxes using Origami floral art paper.

Remember that day of shopping I shared with everyone and how I bought some pretty floral papers? Well I found some really fun ways to use them. I took some old boxes that normally get tossed and decoupaged some of the pretty papers onto them. I can now reuse the boxes for small gifts to give out. So don’t toss those boxes, turn them into earth friendly gift boxes that can be used over and over. Happy recycling everyone.

What you will need:

Pretty papers, the thinner the better when it comes to decoupaging.

Mod podge or watered down school glue


assorted empty boxes in different sizes.



Use your boxes to trace around like a template or use a ruler to measure the boxes for your paper cut outs you will be gluing to your boxes. Once you have your papers cut out, cover the entire area with decoupage glue to hold in place, cover top and bottom. I use a small paint brush or paint sponge. Make sure to rinse your brushes really well afterwards or they will be ruined once glue dries on them. Then let each side dry before you work on another side of the box. So simple. Happy crafting everyone.