ASD table time crafts…DIY clay Easter décor.

Supplies needed:

self drying clay

assorted paints or paint pens

small wire or pipe cleaners for legs

pretty paper

Mod podge or water down school glue for decoupaging.

Tacky glue


candy molds in the shapes of bunnies or Easter themed candy molds.


Keep your shapes simple in design. Oval, and circular shapes are pretty easy to shape into chick’s bodies.

Use small wires for their legs and glue in place.

You can also buy candy molds to use for making clay figures like the bunny in photo below.

The clay takes about a day to dry completely depending on the area you live in. I live in a pretty dry area. After the clay has dried you can start painting and decorating them. Use pretty scraps of paper for your chick’s wings, just decoupage them on using watered down school glue or Mod podge. Mod podge is nice but the price has really gone up so if you are trying to save money by making the supplies yourself then for glue…

¼ cup of flour

little less then a ¼ cup of water

Just stir the two ingredients until you get a glue like consistency. You may need to add more or less water. I am going off of memory here so this recipe isn’t exact.

If acrylic paints are too messy of a product for your ASD child then try paint pens and watercolor paints instead.

Once your little Easter decorations are finished use them for pretend play lessons to help encourage language skills, or have your children help you decorate for Easter using your clay figurines. Happy Spring crafting everyone.