An inside kitchen garden.

I haven’t been working out in our outside garden in awhile . But our inside garden has been growing really well.

The glass dome was an item my husband won in an auction bid for $1.
Since this photo was taken two more shelves were emptied with the plastic food bins and more grow lights were added for even more plants. So much fun growing plants.

Eventually I will get around to cleaning the outside garden but for now I thought I share the garden areas we have growing inside our home. Outside it is such a mess right now. The garden kitchen is something the whole family participates in, especially my son as he has been working on biology/growing things at home.

One of my son’s mushrooms.

I’m starting to get back to outside gardening now that it’s warming up so I will have a garden update on that coming up later. I recommend everyone try having an indoor garden along with an outside garden. Inside home gardens look so pretty in a dark corner. Makes it feel like you are bringing the outside world inside to your homes. Like a miniature green jungle.

Tomatoes from our friend’s seeds.
The tiny paint brush is used for indoor hand pollination.
I get lots of ideas for designing my coloring pages from my indoor garden area.

Happy gardening everyone. Remember to get your kids involved, teach them how to grow things.