DIY miniature garden chair.

Supplies you will need:

Twigs from your garden


wire cutters.

So simple. Just take several sizes of twigs and cut down to size to start shaping a chair.

You will have to glue in steps and let dry over night then continue on in adding pieces a little a time until your chair is completely glued together.

Making a table is pretty easy too. Just glue several twigs side by side and add legs after that dries. The trick to this is waiting until each step dries first before you start working on the next step.

You can also make tiny clay dishes for your miniature garden. Buy air drying clay and shape into little dishes. I added some thread for colors around my bowls.

We have grape vines growing all over our garden. They take over everything even hanging over our garden tree that hangs over our pool and creates summer time shade. The twigs from the vines are perfect for nature crafts like wreaths and tiny furniture like this.

There are all kinds of curling twigs that come with the vines.

I did a post of making miniature garden furniture before, thought it would be fun to do an updated and new post on this craft activity for my new followers that may have missed that. A great Spring time craft for the whole family to make outside in the garden.

If you don’t have a garden there are all kinds of beautiful spots out there in nature to explore. You can collect twigs and leaves for your furniture when out exploring the woods. Make sure to check your areas foraging rules and laws. Happy crafting everyone.