DIY Fabric carrots.

So easy to make. All you need are…

Fabric scraps

needle and thread


cotton stuffing

photo 1

Cut out triangle shapes, fold in half and sew up the side using a back stitch. Make sure to sew inside out and then turn right side out after you have sewn up the side, then stuff with cotton stuffing.

Photo 2

For the top part of your carrot you will need two pieces of a half oval shape (see photo 1) sew the two together inside out making sure to leave an opening at bottom. To form into a leaf shape sew bottom together (see photo 2 ) then take your leaf and add to top part of your carrot shape and sew a running stitch around top then pull and knot in place. You can get creative and design different tops for your carrots. A fun toy for pretend play for the kids. Or you can add a little cat nip to the inside of your carrots to give as cat toys. The cats love playing with the cut felt tops the best. Happy crafting everyone.