Painting Easter eggs.

Don’t you just love Spring. This has always been one of my favorite seasons since I was a little girl.

One of the things I have always looked forward to was decorating eggs.

When ever I make scrambled eggs, or Swedish omelets, I blow the eggs out instead of breaking them so I can use them for decorating later. This way I don’t have to buy plastic eggs and just use natural products that I have in my kitchen instead.

I get out all my art supplies and have fun decorating eggs.

There are so many ways to decorate your eggs. Every year I switch up the decorations and how I design the eggs. This year was all about tiny flowers.

To help you get inspired, use vintage egg designs, or check out a book on flowers help guide you when decorating your eggs. There are some really nice folk art designs out there with rabbits and farm animals painted on the eggs.

Add stickers, decoupage, paint, color, dye or draw on them. Here are just a few eggs of mine that I have decorated over the years. Happy egg decorating everyone.

So far this is what I have finished for this years eggs.