Organizing your food pantry.

Oh boy do I need to take a deep breath with this one. I love organizing, and getting rid of clutter always feels good, but sometimes it can become a little overwhelming. I have also discovered it is a never ending process.

The whole process of gathering and preparing of food is becoming too challenging here in this country. But we can still try and do the best we can with the best we have. Here are a few tips on what we started years ago and are now continuing.

1. Check out local farmer’s markets for good deals on locally grown produce.

2. Compare prices from different grocery chains.

3. Shop early in the mornings. I have noticed better selections at this time.

4. Get to know your grocery store workers, they can always let you know ahead of time when good deals are coming up.

5. Research where local farms are in your area to buy from directly.

6. Look into investing in 4 or 5 chickens. Research the pros and cons of raising chickens. They are dirty and feed can get expensive. But they are great at eating up kitchen scraps and produce fresh eggs when you need some.

7. Try to stay away from packaged foods as much as possible. Buy in bulk when ever you can. It is getting harder to do this though so you will have to research your areas on where you can do this.

8. If you do buy processed items try to take them out of their plastic packaging as soon as possible and store in glass containers instead.

9. Invest in water filtration systems.

10. Learn all you can on edible plants that grow in your environment.

11. Practice your cooking skills, Learn how to prepare soups, beans, rice and prepare meals ahead of time. Learn how to bake as well.

12. Grow an edible garden. Even if you live in a big city and have no dirt, buy pots and plant small things, just learn how to grow things. Some food you buy can be used to replant. Carrot tops, green onions, garlic, potatoes and even lettuce, all can be planted after use to regrow from. Research the different ways in doing this.

13. Learn how to can extra food for long term storage.

14. Invest in a Dehydrator for fruits and dried herbs.

15. Encourage your neighbors to do the same things written above and share and trade with each other any extra food items you have from your gardens.

The most important lesson in organizing our food pantries is to have a system in place where you have a good menu plan in place of the items you like to prepare and eat.

Home made pasta my family worked together making one day.
Invest in good kitchen tools when you decide to make your kitchen into an ingredients kitchen. Makes it handy when you are ready to prepare your meals.
When making home made pasta it is best to have many family members on hand to help out.
Spinach and cheese ravioli filling with fresh Basil from our garden.

If you keep things simple it makes things easier to shop.

We eat a lot of pickles in the summer months, it gets hot here in Arizona and cold pickles are so yummy. This has left us with many empty glass pickle jars over the years, We cleaned them up and use them for storage now.

Put away and prepare meals ahead of time. It does take some extra time preparing meals by hand so try to pick a day when you can prepare several meals at once and put that away, either freezing it or storing in glass food containers with lids for meals throughout the week.

Pure honey from our hives is one the best tasting foods God has created. Love His little bees.

Writing down a menu for the week also helps save time as well as money.

When we are over tired and don’t have any plans in place, we tend to just go out for a meal. That can get expensive. Also, the ingredients in fast foods or processed foods are not good for us. Best to have all the control with what you ingest.

Just because some pretty package says it’s good for us, doesn’t mean it’s true. So many misleading things have been going on for years now and we are all seeing the outcomes of that sadly.

I noticed something with the flavor and texture of foods since 2020 have changed dramatically. Flour doesn’t cook the same way anymore when baking bread and everything that comes in a box now taste like metal, plastic or paper.

There has also been an increase in dementia type issues with everyone, it’s on the rise. Scientist from the past have written about how Aluminum in our foods can cause dementia and cognitive brain disorders.

Not sure what the scientist of today would say…guess it depends on who is signing their check. This is all part of this battle we are all in, and it’s the most frightening of battles because we all know…everyone must eat.

Pizza all made by hand, except the pepperoni /cheese which we buy in the deli. My husband eventually wants to make his own pepperoni’s too…baby steps. First we have to learn.

It’s okay to treat ourselves now and then eating at restaurants and quick fast food places, but we all know how much it can add up. Pick one of your favorite local fast food places or restaurants run by a family that cooks the meals using real ingredients when they can.

As I wrote above, finding real food is becoming harder and harder to do. I would be extra careful with the ads you see over and over, ads that are geared toward our children and young adults…those foods tend to be the most processed and poisonous foods for our bodies.

There is a reason why they push these products through their ads so much. If your research their ingredients you will discover all kinds of long term health issues associated with eating them.

Anyway, I do hope some of these suggestions help someone who may be reading this. I believe the majority of people already know these things. I live in a border state, so we have ways of driving to other areas to look for items when shortages appear here. But I have started noticing something else with the “Promotion of fear” and that is that our border neighbors (not the people, it’s leaders) are starting to seem not so friendly in certain situations anymore. It wouldn’t be hard to shut down people from traveling and gathering in outside areas. I’m sure you are all hearing the rumblings of minute cities. That’s good everyone…but who am I to tell you that…I’m just a mom.

Then you have the screens promoting their own fear , telling us to stay out of these places with news stories that are told over and over on different channels, even local channels…but all the same script, all the same story, telling stories of danger. Some out there, with their eyes wide open…already know what that is about.

“ A path is being made to lead us away.”

Not a subject I would like to really get into. I started this blog for fun DIY’s and life adventures. Life kind went into another direction but we can all still help each other with different types of DIY’s. Guess you could call these kind of post, the DIY’s of home making. Something is going on, I do know that, and we all better start getting alert and staying alert to this.

Stay safe, healthy and happy out there. And God bless you all.