Flower shopping for the bees.

Every Spring I go out to buy flowers to plant around our garden area for the bees. I also buy some pretty flowers that I like. Usually what I do is I watch where the bees are all hanging out in the nursery gardens. The more bees on a flower, that’s the flower to buy.

There was something else I have been noticing these past few years and that is unusual colors are showing up on the plants. I wonder what they are using to do this to the plants, it can’t be good for them. It does draw the eye. I like flowers in their natural forms and colors. Just being the way they are is good enough for me.

I could be wrong, maybe some of these flowers come like this, but I don’t think so. These colors are odd to me. Even the poor bees seem a little confused. What kind of crazy science experiment are they doing to flowers now. They’re perfect just the way they are.

Why do some people think they have to change everything all the time. I’m all for being creative, nothing wrong with that but some of these plants are a little over the top with the color choices and painting of everything.

My husband and I were having a conversation about these flowers and the plant rep was there as well as another store employee, standing around listening to our conversation and all my question wondering what was happening to the flowers.

The sales rep and store employee never answered us, instead they stood there listening to us.

Then the woman sales rep kind of gave us a sneering look. She stopped listening in on our conversation and now she started up her own conversation with the store employee about how tired she was feeling after eating at a very popular fast food spot that morning.

Now I was curious and started listening to her conversation. Maybe she wasn’t sneering, maybe she was just not feeling good. What ever she had…I didn’t want. The store employee told the sales rep to pick the shredded chicken items the next time she orders because that’s about the only healthy thing on the menu, the chicken items. If only they knew. But I wasn’t jumping into that conversation, not even with a ten foot pole.People seem to be looking for confrontations now days,and I’m not one to start them up.

I know that certain types of foods when eaten can effect your moods. I know sugar and caffeinated sodas effect kids. I’ve been to enough birthday parties to have witnessed that one. Throw in some unnatural dyes and chemicals and the whole person becomes someone else in how they behave or physically are. Remember that commercial where they sang about being what you eat, some of you may be old enough to remember that…

“ You are what you eat, from your head down to your feet.”

Little creepy huh? Well I suppose that depends on how you look at life. Are you a half full or half empty sort of person. Are we what we eat? Are the flowers that someone else has created them to be, are they even flowers anymore? The bees know the answer to that one. So many questions.

“ Why paint something that is already perfect the way it was?” that’s the question I had asked my husband and that is when I got a sneering look from a stranger.

But again, that sneering expression could have been what they had eaten for breakfast that morning. No one standing around answered that question I said out loud, not even the experts, or at least the ones who work in the plant business. If I am wrong then jump in and tell me…

“ They’re not painted.”sneers and all.

It’s tough yelling out when the Emperor is still going around with no clothes on. Maybe I should take a break on that for awhile. I think by now everybody already knows, they are just trying to get through the fact that the Emperor is probably never going to have clothes and we all just need to move on and accept that. Stop trying to put clothes on the emperor…he likes being like that.

Another woman shopper was going down the isle when I was taking photos of these flowers and she started shaking her head and said out loud.

“ I can’t believe these flowers are $25, they are so pretty but too much for me.” as she pushed her cart away.

Spray paint has gone up, maybe that’s why they cost a little extra I thought to myself. Have to pay for the paint. If these are painted that is, they sure don’t look like normal flowers to me. Why would someone do that? Poor little bee is probably trying to figure out if they landed on a flower or something else…very confusing from a distance…it looks like flower, but it has been made into something else.

The flowers were alive but some were all ready looking sickly like they were starting to struggle. I’m curious if these flowers were painted, do you think they were? Why? Here I go again…

“ Do you see what I see…no clothes everyone, no clothes.”

Anyway, I think it’s weird. This always changing what was already great the way it started, the way it was…it’s so confusing to me. Like looking at the perfection of what God created and having the arrogance to think you can change it into something better. God is the ultimate artist, no one and nothing can compete with that.

Here are some flowers that look more natural to me in photos I took below, and a few photos of what I ended up buying. Happy garden shopping everyone.

Floral paint- It does exist, I actually looked it up. What I was allowed to read that is. Everything is so censored now it’s hard to do any “Real” research. All I could find was paint for sale, available on a very popular online shopping platform. The can of paint is as confusing as everything else out there in the world that comes in a package…It read Floral spray paint, quick drying, fresh, flower safe and then down at the bottom of all that was written…DANGER-Extremely flammable, Vapor harmful, Eye irritant. And there you go…do you think the bees want that?

“Why fix what isn’t broken, why change what is already beautiful”