How to bring peace into your homes.

A New Year always brings changes and some of those changes involve taking care of ourselves. One of the ways we can do that is to create a peaceful environment where we live. This is also helpful for families who have children on the Autism spectrum. Children on the spectrum do better in structured environments that are well organized and calming.

A fish tank is one of the most calming home decor items you can have.

There are several ways you can create a place of peace in your own homes. Here are just a few things we have done to bring a little peace into our home.

An old metal filing cabinet I picked on on a free app was perfect for organizing some of my vintage fabrics. You can have fun with the cabinets and paint them any color you like. I painted mine all white. It takes the stress away when you need to find your art supplies when they are organized and right there handy to look through. Less wasting time looking for supplies and more time to create.
Alley cat loves it when I bring home a vintage quilt.

1. Have soft places to rest. Big comfy chairs, lots of soft pillows and blankets. Have a variety of blankets that include lightweight and heavy blankets to cuddle with.

2. Create pockets of areas where it seems like you are outside. If you have a dark corner in your home then add some grow lights and plants to that corner to make it feel more open and bright.

The dollar stores usually have a nice supply of organizing items to simplify your homes. We don’t have a garage is our 1950’s home in the city, so we use our pantry as a garage to store tools there, we have to put our can goods in the large room off of the kitchen area.

3. Use large bins and baskets for storage. Seeing clutter everywhere can add stress to an environment. Having a place for everything and knowing where that place is makes things less stressful as you know were to find things when you need them and where to put them when you clean up.

4. Bake a lot. The smells alone will fill your home with peace. And everyone loves a freshly baked item.

We are an ingredients kitchen, with canned fruits and bags of flour and ingredients to make things ourselves instead of buying box mixes. This was a fruit cake I made with my son one morning.

5. Open your windows up to see outside. It is actually best to spend more time outside if you can, but if you can’t then make sure to open your windows all around the house to let in as much light as possible. If you live in a cold climate then just opening the curtains and letting in whatever light you can will help cheer up a dark room.

6. Have pets in your home to add some cheer. Who doesn’t like a fuzzy friend to cuddle with. They are especially welcoming during the Winter when it gets a little cold.

We have three rescued cats in our home.

7. If you can’t have a pet like a cat or dog then look into small pets like fish or even a tiny hamster. Or a little turtle. I don’t do birds as I hate thinking of a little bird that can fly as being in a cage. I love having fish tanks and have had one since I was 10 years old. Fish are so fun to watch.

8. For bird lovers, add some bird feeders close to your windows outside and feed them this way. We have our feeders by a reading area with the big window in our living room. The cats love laying down by the window and watching the birds fly up to feed. While we sit in that reading corner sometimes we watch all the birds that stop by to eat. It’s a very peaceful corner.

9. Have lots of books in your home to read, card and board games to play, and art supplies to create with.

If you are a book fanatic, try to find ways to keep books to a minimum as well, if you can, There are stores that trade and exchange your old books for new ones you haven’t read and there are also really fun ways to organize your books in your home that look really pretty. Have a large basket by the front door with books you have just gotten that need to be read or are library books to take back later.

10. Keep your home quiet. We use head phones when we are watching something or we keep the volume down low when we are listening to anything.

Try to keep things to a minimum , less clean up.

If you have a backyard you can also make that a place of peace as well. Add pots with plants, water features, bird feeders and baths, soft sounding wind-chimes, comfy outdoor chairs, and areas of shade.

Where ever I live I also add a place of creativity outside with a table to paint or draw at.

Having a tree over a pool does create more clean up but if I had to choose between the pool or the tree…the tree stays and the pool gets filled in.

These are just a few ways to bring peace into your homes, there are so many ways to create a home where everyone will love being a part of the peaceful environment. Fill your homes with what you love and the ones you love will enjoy being in it.