An Arizona April garden.

The garden is coming back to life, it’s so beautiful out there right now. We got some more bees that showed up. They hung out in the area I was working in and then they left, so funny. I think it’s driving my husband bananas with how many hives have shown up this month alone.

He is back to being a bee keeper. A few times now when ever I go out to my side of the garden I start hearing a bunch of buzzing and sure enough, I look above and another hive has shown up again. Some stay and some leave.

After my husband removed the bees in our gazebo area, I painted the garden table.with some left over white paint I had.

April is about flowers. But I didn’t buy a lot. The prices went way, way up. Sometimes the flowers I buy don’t survive. I have to keep my plants in pots so if they get too hot or dry, they die. That can add up.

We put up a new bamboo fence. It looks nice and new. It only last through the summer. The quality and thickness of the fence has gotten thinner over the years. The supply isn’t as strong as years before.

I started painting the garden chairs this month. We have to do this every summer.

Here in the Arizona desert the best chairs to buy are metal chairs. Just put them in the shade and add padding to them. The sun eats up the plastic chairs, they always end up cracking and breaking in our summer heat. You still have to paint the metal chairs every year from our rain storms which makes them rust.

I need to do some touch ups on the back wall. I painted it blue to match the pool water. It looks really tropical. It’s a nice change, especially living in a desert environment. We don’t get blue in the desert and that’s my favorite color.

One morning when I went outside there were yellow flowers in bloom everywhere. The temps are warming up here in Arizona so the yellow flowers won’t last for long. For awhile everything will be green and pretty out in our garden so we are all enjoying it as long as we can.

When I pick out flowers to add to my garden I always pick out tiny flowers.

There were lots of spider plants to transplant to bigger pots. These are forth generation plants I have planted from baby spider plants. I always share how my spider plants are doing. They’re still hanging in there.

So far the strawberries my husband bought me are still alive and actually producing some strawberries. We take turns eating them. It’s a tiny strawberry patch for now.

I took a lot of my plants that were struggling and put them all in one pot together with some other garden clippings. I call them little hospitals. This seems to help struggling plants. Lumping them all together seems to make them happy. Plants want to be around other plants. When the pot overgrows I just transplant the new growth.

Looks a mess now but once it starts filling out with new growth it always ends up looking pretty.

When we traveled up north to empty Our Little Red House, I stopped off at one of my favorite thrift stores. While I was there I picked up a little vintage pot. I collect unique pots to put some of my tiny succulents in. This one had checkered tulips on it, so cute. There is a stamp on the bottom that reads…Hotoven, Harker T (upside down capital v)e, oldest pottery in America, cookware.

The months from March to May are always my favorite months out in the garden. Right now I’m just having fun with adding colorful flowers and propagating clippings from other plants. Trying to bring everything back to life, make it pretty out there again.

Besides repainting our large garden table white, I also moved the tiny garden table we made from scrap wood to the other side of the gazebo area by the faucet. I like it’s new spot better.

I work on some of my art out in the garden, either designing coloring pages, redoing a piece of furniture or small recycled arts and crafts projects like these mini wooden houses from scrap wood.

Our newest rescued cat Sela loves it out in the garden. We have three rescued cats now. Sela loves hanging out listening to the birds, making dust angels with her body (that is so funny when she does that) and trying to catch all the flying critters in our organic garden.

She was watching a little butterfly here in this photo.
We have to keep our indoor cats on a leash when we take them outside. It is not safe in this city for little critters right now. The city has gotten not only stranger but meaner since 2020.

It’s all coming together again. My garden was pretty sad looking a few weeks back. Happy gardening adventures everyone.

There are lots of colors everywhere in gardens around the city right now.
One of my many projects to do is transplant all my plants out of the Terra cot-ta pots that are melting away. One way I save them is to mosaic something around them.