Chicken tips.

I just realized it had been awhile sense I wrote about what is going on with our chickens lately. I believe I shared with everyone that they were laying a bunch of eggs but that was about it. Oh, and that we did loose a couple a few months back but we fixed that problem when we went to buying feed from the small mom and pop we had started with. We had a coupon to try some feed from a Big Corp. and yep, we ended up going back to what we knew.

Anyway, thought I share some tips with you guys….

The light trick works for egg layers, if you are in an area without a lot of light but we are headed into Spring and this is the time when egg production is up so we don’t really need to do that anymore. My husband has a light on early in the morning but not at night.

We grow fodder for our chickens. Take seeds and sprout them in water. You get more calories from sprouts then seeds.

Organic weeds and yard clippings from our house and neighbors that don’t use pesticides are fed to the chickens, but they always need grains too. Chickens can not live on greens alone…like us.

Make sure the coop is well protected from predators at night. We haven’t seen the owl in weeks but they are out there and chickens are yummy treats for all kinds of critters. Our cats don’t bother chickens. We also have a feral cat or neighbor cat that hangs out by our chicken coop, it also has never bothered our chickens. In the Winter sometimes the cat sleeps near them too. Barn cats are great to have.

That’s about it in chicken tips this month, or chicken updates. There is one more thing I almost forgot to add. Chickens usually love kitchen scraps. When we clean out our fridge or have left overs that we forgot to eat we will toss them out to the chickens.

There are some foods we have gotten that we ourselves never ate and the chickens will not touch them. They will get a few pokes in to see what it is but they won’t eat some of these foods, that’s what we have been noticing.

The chickens wouldn’t touch our oatmeal either. When we found out some information about oatmeal we had to get rid of it all sadly. We had some in our dry storage. I sometimes have a hard time believing everything is so bad so my husband said well then we will see if the chickens will eat it. Chickens can eat just about anything and once again they wouldn’t touch it.

They wouldn’t touch the mayo either. Even the bees are not eating certain food items of ours. In the Winter months sometimes we need to feed the bees, We had some corn syrup/honey we were getting rid of that my mother-in-law had given my husband and the bees wouldn’t touch it. Had to throw it away.

So , I guess the moral of this story is, is that the animals could be telling us something. There’s a lot of poisons in the foods we are eating. Read ingredients, research everything, try to eat as close to the way God made something as you can.How many times have I posted about that.

I used to be okay with some packaged foods, but watching how our critters are acting, I’m starting to see things I wasn’t before, now when ever something is packaged I worry about what is really in it. Stay safe you guys and get some chickens if you can. They are messy,have to let you know that…they are very messy. But at least you know they are chickens and you do get eggs from them.