Interesting things I have discovered while walking.

Sometimes when we go on walks we come across some really interesting things. Here are just a few photos of some objects/places I have come across while out walking. Walking is like that old saying…

“ Take time to smell the roses”

When we walk, we get to see the details in everyday life. Such a great way to get some Vitamin D sunshine and take in all that beauty out there in the world in all it’s beauty.

A patriotic painted rock. I believe a child did this, it was childlike in it’s simplicity. I left it for someone else to enjoy. Sometimes we come across artists rocks out in nature, little gifts for someone to pick up and smile, to keep. I imagine another child picking this up and taking it home, coming back later with their own creation to share with another stranger.
In the middle of the woods, off in the distance was a big beautiful lake and right there surrounded by all those trees was a huge beautiful church.
Sometimes when walking I come across old homes. On the door of this foreclosure home was this sticker. You can learn a lot more about what kind of an area you are in when you get up close and personal. This is a red area, I live in a blue area, I used to live in a red area but most of the red neighbors left long ago, then the blue neighbors moved in. Who would have thought that the beginning stages of the biggest battle ever would start because of colors, all colors too. And I love colors.
On this walk I came across a beautiful old home and inside was a little shop open to the public. I will have to do a post on that. What a fun surprise this was to discover. You should see the beautiful vintage postcards I bought here.
Walking down these steps will lead you to a beautiful little stream and an amazing waterfall. But you wouldn’t know that by just seeing these steps…keep walking, you will come across all kinds of pretty.
I remember stopping at this door, it was surrounded by all kinds of little shops. I wondered what was behind this door, so many stickers…did someone live here. What a strange place to live. Reminded me of European homes with shops next to them. Months later while looking through Zillow I would see this door again but this time I got to see what was behind it. A really cool apartment smack dab in the middle of a beautiful city. Three bedrooms/2 bath for just a little over $300,000 it can be yours.
Look at this old building, how cool. I wonder the history on it, I’m sure someone knows. What is that little square room on the side with the unusual windows…is it an ice house? How strange. I would love to fix this home up, inside and out.
Waiting at a stop light to cross a street I would see this sticker. What a scary thought, unfortunately, I believe this sticker is true. America really is not for sale… because it was already sold decades ago, along with it’s people sadly. Most don’t realize that yet.
I did not walk past these steps. Some places I don’t feel comfortable walking into. I wonder how many people have walked past these steps though. So many decades have passed, haven’t they? Maybe walking past these steps, you will get nn answer to the sticker photo above?
A silent hello or goodby, from a new furry friend was discovered on this walk.
I don’t see a lot of moss here in the desert where I live, so when I was out traveling the country the green moss I would come across was so interesting to me. Another up close beautiful detail that only a walk can come across.
Who doesn’t like taking a break from a walk and finding a cute little shop to walk into and explore as well.
A selfie wall was discovered on this walk. But I have no cell phone and I have always felt more comfortable behind a camera instead of in front of one. A selfie of a selfie is what I had discovered on this walk.
It’s always fun discovering art on a walk.
My favorite walks are always under trees.
And near water as well.
Fruit that you don’t eat and looks like a brain…now that is weird. This is the first time I would see something like this.
Wear comfortable shoes to this art museum. 120 acres of Ozark woods, and over 5 miles in trails.
So many circles, little planets all on their own.
When we shop we walk. How many steps do you think you take on errand days. You would be surprised at how many if you started recording them.
Walking into an Asian grocery store I would discover all kinds of foods I had never seen before. I tried some baked fish that still had it’s head attached with all kinds of tiny little bones. I had to be so careful while eating it. And a really delicious pineapple bread that was just the right amount of sweet. You could actually taste the pineapple in it.
In this bookstore I would learn a little history.
An early morning walk at a city park here in Phoenix. We have a lot of man made lakes here in our desert state.

Happy walking adventures everyone. Stay safe, healthy and happy and God bless you all.