Popcorn movie time.

It’s hard finding something good to watch anymore. Seems you have to pay for special devices anymore if you want to watch a good movie here in America. You know, devices that say your from another area. I hear about those a lot. Best thing to do is to grab a good book, preferably published before certain dates and read away.

Everything seems to have a motive behind it. Motives to make us turn on each other, to feel hopeless, to feel less then. Hey, you remember that movie back in the 80’s called Less then 0…what a sad thing to believe. Watch and read enough of this new entertainment out there, here in America that is, and you will feel that way…and that’s it’s job…isn’t it.

This months movie is an old one from 1948. An American movie directed by William D. Russell.

According to Wikipedia the title refers to a scene where the local preacher gives a sermon on a story from the book of Exodus of God’s ” green promise” to lead Moses into a land of milk and honey. The preacher reminds his congregation that the fulfillment of the promise requires faith, difficult journeys, and open-mindedness.

Back story on a scene in the movie: Natalie is crossing a bridge during a storm and the bridge collapses which causes her to break her wrist when she falls into the water. The bone wasn’t set correctly so it healed in a way that caused her bone to protrude out. After that she wore bracelets to cover it up.

I like watching old movies from the past to see the style of clothes and set designs. Or what the homes and furniture looked like. The words they use or how they act, so different back then. Everyone seemed so innocent and polite.

There are two characters in the movie that can be seen as the bad guys in this movie. It wasn’t a spectacular movie, not one of those summer blockbusters but it was still comforting in it’s simplicity. Hope you enjoy this little movie break, so get out some popcorn and maybe some ice cold lemonade and take a break.

There is a back story to this child star turned movie star. It starts with her mother, a strange person to me. Her mother may have had a personality disorder of some sort. I’m not a psychologist but something was up. Here is a little bit of the backstory on Natalie’s life in link below. I believe the moral of this story is to stay away from encouraging your children to be stars, either through social media on the little screen or through the movies on the big screens…just stay away from those worlds.