Mother’s day gift ideas from the Farmer’s market.

It’s Spring here in Arizona (pr-scheduled post, on a blogging break). everyone is out walking their dogs and visiting the farmer’s market down the street from us. People on bikes. Mother’s walking together, pushing their baby strollers on their way to the farmer’s market. It’s one of the most popular Farmer’s markets here in Phoenix and it is in our area so it’s easy for us to visit when we want.

There are all kinds of food trucks and little businesses with home made jams, lavender soaps, and lots of pretty flowers and plants.

Mother’s day is not too far off and farmer’s markets to me are perfect places to find gifts for mom. Here are a few items I believe any mom out there would enjoy. What a perfect place to go shopping for mother’s day gifts.

  1. Flowers

There are flowers everywhere at the Farmer’s market. There are even edible flowers for decorating cakes. The woman who grows these flowers doesn’t use any chemicals in her garden. She always has pretty wreaths that she makes from her garden and brings them to the market every weekend.

2. Olives- did you know eating olives could help reduce your risk of things like cancer, heart disease and even Diabetes? They may even protect against osteoporosis. And they taste really good. Perfect gift for moms.

3. Lavender- Anything made from Lavender is always a good gift to me. This could include soap, oils, and even dried lavender flowers to make pretty sachets with. Lavender helps reduce anxiety, improves sleep, lessens menopausal flashes, and has a calming effect on us. Add a few drops to your pillow cases, or make a pretty sachet from dried Lavender.

4. Baskets- Moms can never have too many baskets, Great way to keep kid’s toys organized and the house cleaner by having a place for storage. And they look so pretty in the home.

5. Aprons- the farmer’s market had all kinds of cute aprons for sale. You know how moms love to cook for their families. Unique aprons like this are gifts you give that moms don’t really think about buying themselves. And you can never have too many designs. One to wear and one to clean.

6. Honey- The benefits of real honey are just too many to list here. This would be my favorite gift if someone gifted me with pure honey. If you have a sore throat honey helps sooth that. Put it into a cup of warm tea to calm a cough. You can use it for burns, for beauty treatments, and in place of white sugar. Just perfect.

7. Lunch- treat mom to take out, Bring home a bag of yummy treats that someone else has made. Mom’s everywhere will appreciate this.

8. Pasta- Come on…everyone loves pasta, don’t they? Perfect food. A basket of Italian treats like this is another great gift item to give to mom.

9. Jams- There were some home made breads at the farmer’s market as well, the two go hand in hand. Fresh Jam and a variety of jams…YUMMY. A special treat for moms to have in the afternoon with a cup of tea. Or early in the morning for breakfast on hot home made biscuits.

10. Pastries- They had the cutest little pastries at the market. Reminded me of the bakeries in Europe. A pretty box of these with a giant bow on top would be a nice surprise for mom.

There were some other items that I thought would also make nice gifts for mom. Jewelry, Coffee beans, plants, and they had sensory toys for children there, which would be a nice gift to include in a basket with other items for any mom’s out there with children on the Autism spectrum.

And this suggestion will probably get some laughs…veggies. A basket of fresh organic fruits and veggies lets mom know you care for her too and want to give her some good things to put in her fridge. But be careful with that one, mom might think you are telling her she needs to change her diet…add a treat with it.

Or…I know, tell her to give you a grocery list of things she needs and just pick some up at the Farmer’s market along with some other mom gifts to surprise her with. Happy Mother’s Day to all you great moms out there.