A colorful blast from the past

I did a post about this a couple years ago. Since then I have gifted some friend’s children with these recycled crayons and their kids loved them. Now I gift these crayon creations to other friends of mine that have children. They are a big hit with the kiddos.

First you will need a bag of used or old crayons. You can buy new crayons too if you like. I would wait when back to school starts though with how high the prices are on everything now . You get better prices for crayons during the school sales. I usually find bags of old crayons in the thrift store hanging up on pegs in the grab bag sections.

First remove all the paper from your crayons.

Buy some bake molds in different shapes, then fill them up with like colors of broken crayon pieces.

Make sure to fill the molds as full as you can because once you bake them (200F) they will melt and shrink down in the molds.

After they have melted remove from oven and let cool. Once cool they will harden and you will be able to remove them from the molds.

They are so cute when they are finished. The kids love using them for pretend play as well as coloring with them.

ASD tips- Buy molds that are thicker shapes. Some ASD children have a hard time with fine motor skills which make it difficult to hold onto small crayons. This is a fun way to include them by making your own crayon shapes that they can hold better. Use your shapes for therapy sessions when teaching colors.