ASD therapy toys…a million faces.

I picked this puzzle game up second hand years ago. It’s a really sturdy block toy that I think would be perfect when working with children on the Autism spectrum. There are several ways you can create facial expressions. According to the name of the game that would be a million ways. Now I don’t know it that is true but it is a catchy title.

Some other ways you can help teach emotions to ASD children are card games and PECS cards. When children are non verbal they have no way of telling us when they hurt or are afraid, don’t feel good, angry or even happy. It’s up the people in their lives to read their body language to figure out what their needs are or if they are unwell. That’s why it is so important to find ways to teach non verbal children how emotions work. You can do that with fun little games like this. So…when ever you are out there in the world shopping or looking for ways to help your ASD child look for items similar to this. Just fun ways to teach the little ones.