We are a family of artists, cooks, crafters and photographers. A few years ago we bought a little house in the middle of nowhere and decided it would be a fun project to teach our kids how to rebuild/remodel an old building. It was an opportunity to spend some one on one with our kids, creating lots of happy memories.



Memories are the best gifts, they never get old and wear out, can’t be stolen and they multiply when we pass them on.


It has been a few years now, working on our little project and in those years we have had some pretty amazing adventures, met lots of cool people who later became our friends, learned some crazy stuff, and have had a lot of laughs together.


Working on a house from the 40’s in the middle of a small town with two little convenience stores, no Home Depots, no doctors, and a little thrift shop opened just two days a week that the locals called their Pleasant Valley Mall…would give anyone a sense of humor.


We had no phone, no computer, and no cable TV. In our down time we read books, watched old VHS tapes like Breakfast club and Stephen King’s IT, played Othello and aggravation board games, went fishing, swimming and hiking and learned how to make things by hand. I guess our kids got a tiny taste of what it was like growing up in the 80’s.


We thought it would be nice to share some of our little adventures with all of you. Our favorite stories, craft ideas, recipes and fun places we like to visit and shop around Arizona.


There is just so much to see and learn out there in the world, making new friends and sharing all our gifts…the planet needs more of that. Sometimes in life we have friends for five minutes ( the ones we open doors for, or let cut in front of us in line when they have one item in the grocery store) or friends for five years, and lets not forget those golden friends of fifty years, so which ever you are…Welcome to our Arizona adventures my friends.