Using what you have on hand…DIY sewing corner.

So you all know I have been working on a sewing corner, well finally I can now say it is finished…maybe. You know how it is when you are a Creator, crafter, designer, artist…take your pick, you know we are never satisfied. We always change the look of our environment, all the time. It is…

It’s TP craft time…DIY paper mushrooms.

This was one of those crafts where it looked better in my head when I decided to give it a go then it turned out. I am having fun with figuring out cool little TP projects for the kids out there but some of these don’t come out exactly the way I imagined they would….

  It’s TP craft time…DIY little house.

  Supplies needed:   Empty paper roll, either TP roll, paper towel or wrapping paper roll cut into small pieces. Glue Poster paints or acrylic paint Newspaper Scissors Cardboard. Glue gun and glue sticks.   Step 1- You can either paint a door on your little house or cut out a doorway like I did….

DIY Pom Pom bunnies

Something fun for you all to do with the kids while on Spring break, or any break at that matter. They have closed schools all around this world. It is so important to help keep those little ones mind occupied and not in places of worry. Try to keep their lives as normal as possible….

Dollar day do over- upcycled birdhouse.

Number five in favorite fun post of mine is this little birdhouse I redid. I remember when I started doing my dollar day do overs and out of all of those many projects this is my favorite up-cycling project of all time. I remember the day I saw this old birdhouse sitting there on the…

 Friday family fun day paper craft project- TP crafts

Whoops, forgot to post this Friday for you all. It is my husband’s birthday this weekend and we were out having our own fun. Guess life just got too busy for a post. Anyway, better late then never like they say. So lets rename this post Sunday Fun day. Hope you all are have a…

Friday family fun paper crafts-fishing game

This is so easy you guys and it has been around for decades. Nothing new with this old paper craft, except your unique creations of different colored fish. Supplies needed- Large sticks and twigs. Fishing wire, yarn or twine. Paper clips Paint Tacky glue magnets Assorted beads for eyes or black puffy fabric paint. Scraps…

DIY- Americana- Upcycled old jeans

Okay, here it is…finally. Once again I got caught up in things with life and forgot to post this re-post from last year. I just glanced over this post and it took me back to that time and I realized that the summer cold I was writing about down below turned out to be a…

Dollar day do over- faux butterfly frame art.

  Look what I found in a pile, hidden behind another pile, next to a basket of supplies, nicely stacked on top of some old watercolor paintings…an unfinished project of mine. You know, the fun thing about touching everything when you are downsizing and getting rid of stuff… it’s the treasures we all have forgotten…

12 days of Christmas crafts…day 11 -fabric Christmas trees.

Supplies needed; Fabric scraps in green colors. Glue Sequins Tiny beads to use as decorations Green felt Yellow felt (for a tiny star, which I forgot) Wooden twigs Fabric scraps in reds or any Christmas themed prints. Plastic pellets or rice for stuffing. Needle and thread.   Great craft project to teach beginning sewing skills….