In the garden…chickens, and sunflowers.

This is a May garden in Arizona, the desert part of Arizona that is. Here in the desert we put our gardens mostly in pots. If you have clicked onto my blog site then you are probably reading this in June or July. I am writing this quick garden update the weekend of Mother’s Day…

An Arizona April garden.

The garden is coming back to life, it’s so beautiful out there right now. We got some more bees that showed up. They hung out in the area I was working in and then they left, so funny. I think it’s driving my husband bananas with how many hives have shown up this month alone….

Flower shopping for the bees.

Every Spring I go out to buy flowers to plant around our garden area for the bees. I also buy some pretty flowers that I like. Usually what I do is I watch where the bees are all hanging out in the nursery gardens. The more bees on a flower, that’s the flower to buy….

March updates.

We started working on the outside garden this month. It’s such a mess. The doves are happy we are back. The bees are getting lots of pollen, everything is covered in yellow dust. It’s very happy out there at the moment. My husband bought me a hanging strawberry plant. So far we got one strawberry…

DIY miniature garden chair.

Supplies you will need: Twigs from your garden glue wire cutters. So simple. Just take several sizes of twigs and cut down to size to start shaping a chair. You will have to glue in steps and let dry over night then continue on in adding pieces a little a time until your chair is…

An inside kitchen garden.

I haven’t been working out in our outside garden in awhile . But our inside garden has been growing really well. Eventually I will get around to cleaning the outside garden but for now I thought I share the garden areas we have growing inside our home. Outside it is such a mess right now….

DIY clay leaf bowls

This is so simple everyone and fun too. Get everyone in the family involved with this DIY I am about to share with you all. The more the merrier. Supplies needed: Self hardening clay Watercolor paints and paintbrushes Instant drying lacquer (comes in a spray can at most hardware stores) Rolling pin xacto knife or…