It’s time for some pom pom crafts.

An old craft from the past, some of you will remember these adorable little Spring time pom pom animals I made years ago. I got the idea from Steiff toys. I believe Steiff started in the 1920’s but you will have to look that up, I could be way off on that. It’s a company based out of Germany. I have collected Steiff animals for a long time now. Usually I would get one a year but it has been a few years since I have bought one . To save money I started making remakes of some similar styles but they are nothing like the adorable Steiff I used to collect.

You will need:

Yarn-assorted colors. I like to use wool yarns.




buttons or beads for eyes

pipe cleaners for legs-optional.

First you will need an assortment of different sizes of pom poms. For the chicks I made one large pom pom for the body and one small pom pom for the head and did the same for the bunnies. If you want to add some more details to the bunnies you can buy those tiny packaged pom poms you get in the craft stores to glue on the bottom of the bunnies bodies for little feet but make sure to match the color to the color of the body as close as you can.

I have a set of pom pom makers that are plastic that come in assorted sizes that I got from a Klutz book years ago. But you can make your own pom pom disc using cardboard paper. Just trace different sizes of lids to use for your templates.

Wrap yarn around the two paper discs, then cut yarn around the disc and tie off in the center. Trim and shape pom pom to desired shapes. For the chicks you will need an oval shape for the body and a round one for the head. Same for the bunnies.

After you make your different sizes of pom poms and you have trimmed the bodies into your animals shapes, glue the heads onto the bodies. Then add eyes, felt beaks, felt wings, wire legs(optional) and felt ears to the bunnies. there are so many things you can create with yarn pom poms. Happy crafting everyone.